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If you are a native (or just fluent) in English and you have a fast internet connection you can apply for teaching English online. Some places require a bachelor’s degree (in anything), some require master’s. And you don’t have any of these, you should get a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate to improve your hiring opportunities and your earnings. 

TEFL or TESOL certificate

TEFL or TESOL certificate proves your English fluency . TEFL is for those wanting to teach English abroad in any country, while TESOL is for those wishing to teach English in their home country to foreigners.

You can get both certificates after finishing a course (either online or a classroom/online combination), with a final exam online.  There are many options/hours of these courses.

While deciding on which company to use for your certificate, pay attention to some allowing a flexible schedule and letting you finish in your own time and others require weekly tests.

What websites for teaching English on-line? 

After you confirmed your current qualifications or got a new certificate, you can start teaching either on-line or you can apply to be placed to work in a foreign country. Pay varies anywhere from $12-45+ an hour.   The websites for checking out on-line availabilities are hour.   The websites for checking out on-line availabilities are include VIPKid, italki, QKids, and Cambly

For more detailed information on getting TEFL and TESOL certificates go our friends Goats On The Road website    https://www.goatsontheroad.com/tefl-course-online/


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