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6 most important Travel Tips for better travel deals and Worry-Free Trips 

research and preparation for worry free trip
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Hello, I am Tatiana. Nice to meet you!:) I am here to inspire people to travel alone and have a blast, while discovering beautiful destinations in Europe. If you would like to learn more about me, you can find it in ABOUT ME section of this blog.

Who doesn't like worry-free trip! Some people have naturally worry-free personalities. However, they still need to buy a ticket, book some place to stay and bring some stuff with them, right?

Many claim that they bought a last-minute ticket, threw everything into their suitcase, went on a trip and had a great time. And many indeed had a pleasant time. They were on vacation in some place pretty, what's not to enjoy?.. besides paying way too much for their trip?

If You Want a Worry-Free Trip, You Need Research and Preparation for the Trip.

If money is of no concern at all - then this last-minute packing and buying your ticket, and searching for the hotel option once already on the vacation spot can be a viable option.

But if you need to take money into a consideration or you don't have many vacation days, like most of us in the US, then you need preparation for a perfect worry-free trip.

You can do research and preparation for your trip yourself, or you can hire someone to do that for you.

It's going to be cheaper for you if you do your own research and preparation. However, it's a lot of work to prepare the right way, so that you stay in the best areas to your purpose for the best price possible and chose the right activities for yourself.

Some people enjoy this planning and some don't. Let's see what your options are if you dislike planning your own trip.

Hire someone to do a custom itinerary for you

The best way to plan your trip, if you dislike doing this yourself, is to hire someone to do a custom itinerary for you. This way you will have you trip planned the way you want it, customized for your presences and still save money, compared to just booking everything without much researching.

You can hire my services

I have been doing researches and trip preparations for about 20 years now. I am really good at that and I take EVERYTHING into consideration, when preparing a customized itinerary.

So, if you need my help preparing a custom itinerary for you, please email me to alongatravel@gmail.com

You can join an organized tour

If you don't mind following someone's rules and spending lots of time traveling between cities and seeing only highlights of any city - you can join a tour. Many people like guided tours!

Or you can do your own research

Let's see what you need to start planning your trip by yourself. Here is a quick brief of topics that will help you with your trip preparation.  For detailed explanations, click on the menu or corresponding pictures at the bottom of the page. 

And if you need help with creating a custom itinerary for you, please email me

link to The cheapest way to get around Europe

Where to Go on Vacation.

To figure out where to go on vacation, you need to trust your gut feeling and use inspirational ideas from YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. When you see something that is calling for you there–that is where you should go.  Details are here.    

How to Get the Cheapest Air Tickets.

If your destination can be reached by or bus - you need to reserve your train ticket 60 days from the day or travel. You can and should reserve the bus ticket earlier than that to get the cheapest ticket. I will provide links to how to do that here. Otherwise, you need to buy an air ticket.  I will show you how to buy the cheapest air ticket here.

Places You Stay on Vacation.

The place you stay on vacation will add or subtract a lot from your enjoyment. Some people prefer to stay right in the middle of everything, and they care little about the size of their room, which is the best for solo traveling. Others like to stay at some remote accommodation. If you make the wrong decision, you might end up feeling lonely, so choose wisely! I usually advice on social accommodations if you’re traveling solo.  Details of all listed above options are here.

Packing for Trip tips and How to Pack Light.

My favorite topic and my superpower!:) I hope I already turned you into a believer in my about me section? If I haven’t yet – please, re-visit here. Or you can click here for my packing advice details.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get around Europe?

The cheapest way to get around in Europe is by a bus. There are inner city buses and intercity buses that take you to different countries in a matter of hours for around $20-30.  Trains are another wonderful choice and I will explain which are fast and which are slower and slightly cheaper. There are exceptions, though. Many times I flew from a country to country for $20-25. Flying is usually faster than taking a train, but sometimes it takes the same time. Details are here. 

How does public transportation in Europe work ( and Why Use It)

I will share with you points for why take public transportation vs. renting a car.  Quite compelling points (in my opinion!:), so please hear me out! For now, just keep in mind that public transportation in Europe is very reliable, keeps you worry-free, has about the same system everywhere and practically always double up as a free tour:). For details, click here.

I hope you are all energized to plan a trip now! :) For more information, read other sections of my blog, subscribe to my periodic emails and let's connect on social media!

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