Bangkok Christmas Decorations

Spending the winter in Bangkok and enjoying CHRISTMAS decorations and lights

If you follow me on Twitter you know I am spending this winter in SE Asia in 2022, sharing my time between Thailand and Vietnam.

One of the best advantages of visiting Thailand in winter, besides the best weather, is to enjoy Bangkok Christmas decorations and lights.

Iconsiam mall Christmas Decorations

Bangkok has many luxurious malls and walking and eating in them is quite an entertainment by itself. Iconsiam is the most beautiful mall I've seen in my life, and it becomes even more beautiful when it's decorated with Christmas lights.

This is a must-see and a must-do thing at Christmas if you're in Bangkok, Thailand! Keep this in mind if you're planning a trip to Bangkok.

Use a boat to get to Iconsiam by Chao Phraya river

There are a few options to arrive to and depart from Iconsiam mall, depending on your Chao Phraya river station. Mine allowed me use either a local boat or a tourist hop-on-and-off boat.

Arrive and depart Iconsiam by a tourist hop on and off boat

Use a local chao phraya boat

I advice getting to Iconsiam mall by the tourist hop on and off boat. It departs every 30 minutes and the ticket price is 30 THB.

This boat ride serve as a great inexpensive tour and you will have an amazing time!

To experience something new or perhaps to save even more money, you can use a local Chao Phraya boat on the way back from Iconsiam. The ride price is 16 THB, which is less than a $1!

In conclusion: you will have an amazing time and even a few different adventure experiences if you visit Iconsiam mall decorated for Christmas, or any time of the year!

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