How to eat healthy on vacation and keep muscles not achy

How to eat healthy on vacation and stay fit
exercise resistance rubber band and a compression packing cube

How to achieve eating healthy on vacation and keeping toned not achy muscles.

Exercise with a Resistance band  

This page will not be long, thank Goodness!:) And that is because luckily, when we are on an exploration vacation, we walk so much, that our legs get a great exercise as it is. 

All I need to do when I am back at my hotel is to use this exercise resistance band for hands and torso for around 10-15 minutes, while talking to someone or watching TV.  It doesn't feel like a job at all! :) 

Why exercise at all on vacation?

One needs to exercise ALL muscles on vacation if one doesn't want achy muscles. It  only takes 3 days for muscles to get weak, so stimulating them  every day is important. 

Weak muscles mean achy muscles. If you spend 2 weeks on vacation not stimulating your arms, gluts and torso muscles, they WILL go weak and achy, and it will take a long time to bring them back in shape. 

You will get legs muscles exercises while walking and exploring, so no need to worry about them.  But one needs to keep ALL muscles of the body toned to stay pain free. So it's a good idea to add some planks, arms and gluts toning with a resistance rubber band into your daily  travel routine,  to be pain free while sitting on your airplane seat on the way home.  It will only take 10 minutes  of your time a day, and I don't know about you, but for me  - having a long flight back to the US pain free and comfortable is priceless and worth any efforts

What to eat for maximum energy for the trip.

If you choose to eat in the restaurants, you know what to do.  Try local  Cuisine and don't forget about your greens and proteins.  Eating enough protein is crucial for your muscles, or you might lose them.

Just keep in mind, regardless of your budget, eating out in restaurants while on vacation all the time can realistically cost the same as all other trip expenses combined.

Budget eating on vacation.

I don't eat at the restaurants every day as a rule. Unless it's in Spain and one tapa of some small food and a glass of wine together cost less than 2 euros - a crazy good price!:)   I eat from street carts, from many stalls at the Markets, where I buy small tapas, which is  fun and not an expensive way to taste a variety food. Or I buy pre-packaged salads with eggs  and meat at the deli of the supermarkets and  small packages of local cheese or sausages. 

I find this to be a much more interesting experience than sitting alone at the table in a restaurant. I also get local and cheap vegetables and fruits from fruit markets or at small fruit stores, which I eat at some very picturesque spots in town and I drink my coffee with some pastry at a local bakery shop.    

If you have a kitchen in the place you're staying, you can cook there, obviously.  I personally never do as I spend all my time exploring and I spend  inside as little time as possible. But it is a great option for people on a special diet. 

The cheapest option is to go to a large  supermarket outside of touristy areas and get  food there and store it in the fridge.  The prices there should be almost 3 times cheaper than prices in touristy areas food stores.   You can use public transport to get there, no need to carry stuff far. 

Don't forget your protein. 

When you walk a lot, your muscles need food - proteins. If you're a budget traveler, you most likely don't get enough protein.  To address that, bring your powder protein with you from home! Either animal protein powder or vegetarian protein powder, whichever works for you.  I use both and I prefer the prepacked ones, like this, but I don't like the sweet taste of it, so I am in search of an excellent protein source with no harmful stuff that is not sweet.  I will let you know when I find it.  Do YOU have your favorite?  I would love to hear about that! 


organic whey grass fed protein powder
Nutiva organic superfood hemp protein
salmon rich in Omega-3 acids helps prevent muscles breakdown

 Why Include salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids to daily diet ON THE ROAD.

If you don't supplement your daily food with protein powder, try to include fish like salmon, that has a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet daily. Why do that? 

Omega-3 fatty acids are involved in many physiological processes, including sparing the breakdown and burning of glutamine, the all-important amino acid that prevents muscle loss; increasing the formation of muscle glycogen and supporting the production of growth hormone. Basically, Omega-3 fatty acids will help you prevent your muscles from breaking down and help grow new muscles. 

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