Why I don't have many destinations covered yet

I do not (yet) have as many posts about European destinations as many other websites. Here is why...

2/4/20243 min read

A collage with many beautiful scenes from very picturesque places
A collage with many beautiful scenes from very picturesque places

Hello and welcome to my site!

So, maybe you’ve noticed that I do not have as many posts about European destinations as many other websites. There are a few reasons for that.

The first reason is that my site is fairly new. It is not because I am new to traveling and exploring places. In fact, I have been traveling extensively for 20 years now and I have accumulated a great wealth of memories, pictures, videos, extensive search notes before traveling, and personal notes written during the trips!

I do not hesitate to call this wealth because this is how it feels to me.

My memories are also a source of great comfort to me, as they warm me up inside on the days I feel blue. Because, while I am leading a very exciting life of a digital nomad moving around at the moment, there is always a small element of sadness.

Sadness that I move around alone, and I have no one around to share the admiration for the amazing scenery I see. Now, I didn’t say sadness about moving alone. I mentioned sadness about not being able to share! Those two are very different things! ;)

That element of sadness is not strong enough to do something about the 'solo' traveler part! :). To be honest, there is absolutely definitely something nice about traveling solo.

For starters, it’s just sooo peaceful! I’ve tried to cover that topic in my Why Travel Alone blog post. But this sadness is actually a great motivational force to figure out the ways to share that incredible beauty I see!

Because the things I see are greater than me and greater than the time: they are absolute beauty. And I feel it’s my karma to share them with as many people as I can! :)

So, back to why I still don’t have that many posts (just yet!).

I started blogging 3 years ago. The first year of that was definitely a learning curve! :) And I feel that I’ve learned A LOT! Because the most time-consuming part of blogging is not writing about things. That part is quick and easy.

One also needs to do a lot of research to make sure the things one talks about are current. And let’s just say that I spend a huge chunk of my blogging time on the research checking facts! .. and then re-checking again just to be sure? ;)

So, blogging this way takes up a lot of time, but this is the only way I feel comfortable blogging. I do not want to serve wrong or dated information.

In addition, I put a great value on visuals, both pictures and videos. I video and picture record EVERYTHING I see during my travel explorations. I just want to have the ability to refresh my memory of the places I've visited here and there.

I have such a vast library of the visual media that it’s becoming a full-time job to keep track of where what is (besides having to buy tons of storage space, both local and cloud space).

And I try to add as much of that visual media to my blog posts as my site speed allows. And that takes a long time to prepare.

So, there are some reasons why I still don’t have that many posts written and posted.

But these 2 last years of extensive blogging practice are starting to pay off. I am finally becoming much faster in both researching, writing, preparing my media, and editing my website.

So, I am on an accelerated schedule of posting lately, and I am planning to post a great number of articles because I want to share all my knowledge!

My knowledge and research saved me a tremendous amount of money and nerve cells wasted on stressful trips and situations I’ve heard some other people have sometimes! It would please me to know my knowledge could help someone else! Maybe you?

Anyway, I just wanted to address this. I am very excited you are checking out my blog! Please, come back again to see my newest posts! 😊

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