King Dinis of Portugal was a remarkable monarch who ruled from 1279 to 1325. He was known as the Farmer King and the Poet King, because he improved the economy and the culture of his country.

He also had a great interest in architecture, and he sponsored several building projects throughout Portugal

King playing on a harp & a custom sign: 'King Dinis'
King playing on a harp & a custom sign: 'King Dinis'

King Dinis I of Portugal and his building campaigns & additions

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King Dinis of Portugal

During his reign, King Dinis of Portugal focused on building and improving various aspects of the kingdom. One of his notable achievements was granting certain towns the privileges of cities. This meant they had more rights and freedoms.

By bestowing city privileges, King Dinis aimed to promote economic growth, encourage trade, and attract merchants and artisans to these newly designated cities.

These privileges included self-governance, exemption from certain taxes, the right to hold markets and fairs, and the establishment of guilds and trade associations. These measures helped boost their economies and attract merchants and artisa