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A view of the mountains behind a beautiful resort & a sea beach & custom sign 'Why Visit Montenegro'A view of the mountains behind a beautiful resort & a sea beach & custom sign 'Why Visit Montenegro'

In this post you will find information on why visit Montenegro, where to go for the best experience and which local food to try.

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History of MontenegroHistory of Montenegro

This page is about the intriguing history of Montenegro. It takes a closer look at the general history of Montenegro, with a particular focus on three historically significant towns: Kotor, Risan, and Ulcinj.

The page continues to delve into the history of Montenegro, focusing on specific periods and towns. It explores the ancient times of Montenegro as a whole, followed by a closer examination of the history of Kotor. The page covers Kotor's significance during the medieval period, its association with the Venetian era, and the turbulent times it faced.

This page also provides insights into the history of Risan and Ulcinj. It explores the unique historical backgrounds of these two towns, showing their significance in Montenegro's past.

Through this comprehensive exploration of Montenegro's history and its notable towns, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the rich cultural heritage of this fascinating country.

History of Montenegro, Kotor, Risan and Ulcinj

What to do in KotorWhat to do in Kotor
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro: Why visitBay of Kotor, Montenegro: Why visit

•Things to do in Kotor: The web page is a guide for visitors who want to explore Kotor, Montenegro, and its surroundings. It offers insider tips, visuals, and detailed information on various activities and attractions.

•Day trips, longer stays, and water adventures: The web page organizes the top things to do in Kotor into three categories, depending on the duration and type of the visit.

•Relaxation and adventure: The web page also suggests some options for those who want to relax or seek adventure in Kotor. It mentions hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, rafting, and other outdoor activities.

• Nearby places: The web page recommends some places to visit outside Kotor. It provides some information on how to get there and what to see.

- Bay of Kotor: A guide to the picturesque bay in southwestern Montenegro on Alonga Travel.

- History and Culture: This page discusses the historical significance of the bay of Montenegro, which has been inhabited for centuries and shaped by different civilizations.

- Attractions and Activities: This page talks about the numerous attractions and activities available in the bay of Montenegro.

- Accommodation and Dining: The bay has a range of hotels, from luxury to budget, as well as restaurants that serve local and international cuisine. The page provides lists of 10 best hotels in each category and tips for finding places to eat.

Top things to do in Kotor, Montenegro

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro: Why visit

Tivat airportTivat airport
Sarajevo to Podgorica Bus information with Boarder CrossingSarajevo to Podgorica Bus information with Boarder Crossing

The webpage provides an overview of Tivat Airport and the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. It discusses the airport’s features and the unique aspects of landing there. The page also provides advice on how to reach the airport, mentioning various modes of transport and nearby attractions.

The area around the  Bay of Kotor is also highlighted  on this page for its cultural and natural attractions, including towns, fortresses, and churches.

This page talks about the bus journey from Sarajevo to Podgorica. It provides helpful information on the bus schedule and ticket price, as well as details about the bus station locations and facilities in both cities.

The page also includes tips and procedures for crossing the border, along with suggestions for snacks and enjoying the scenic landscapes along the route.

Additionally, there are many photos and descriptions showing the beautiful mountains, rivers, canyons, and villages that you will encounter, including breathtaking sights.

Tivat airport

Sarajevo to Podgorica Bus information with Boarder Crossing