There are two different routes to get from Sarajevo to Montenegro. This post is about Sarajevo to Podgorica incredibly picturesque bus route.

You can learn all practical info about Sarajevo to Podgorica bus ride and the bus stations. Check out pictures of the stunning scenery of the bus route & learn about Bosnia & Herzegovina to Montenegro border crossing.

The most common route available from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro will take you from Sarajevo, to Mostar, then to Stolac, Trebinjë in Bosnia and Hercegovina, then Herceg Novi in Montenegro, and the last stop-Kotor.

This is a different route, traveling from Sarajevo to Podgorica.

I've taken a bus on both routes, and I can't decide which was prettier, because both entertained me with incredible, but slightly different, views.

Sarajevo to Podgorica Bus: Info, Route Pictures & Border Crossing

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Luckily for me, the drivers from Sons bus company that I was using for this ride are good about keeping buses' windows clean. Because of that, I could take lots of videos that look presentable. I will edit the video soon, as I really want to show the beauty of the route.

Practical information

How to book bus ride from Sarajevo to Podgorica

You can book it here from GetByBus website. Just change the date of the search for your date. The coast is 20 euro.

Where does bus Sarajevo to Podgorica leave from?

Sarajevo to Podgorica bus leaves from Sarajevo East, which is the furthest away from the main Sarajevo bus station in the center. This is important to keep in mind, as many people go to the central bus station, the one that is right next to the train station. This is not it.

Sarajevo has two bus stations: the main one near the city center and the one in Lukavica, called Sarajevo East.

The main Sarajevo bus station

The main Sarajevo bus station is near the city center, right next to the main railway station. You can take a bus or just a 25 minutes’ walk to the center of Sarajevo from there.

The station is large; it has over 10 platforms and offers cafes, small restaurants, shops, kebab stores, and kiosk and toilet facilities.

The main station Sarajevo serves as the departure point for most buses heading to other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to Croatia, Slovenia, and Western Europe.

How to get there: take almost any bus or tram from the center. Some go directly, some to a stop 5-min walk away. Check your directions.

Address: Put Life 2, 71000, Sarajevo

Phone: +387 33 21 31 00

However, if you're traveling to Serbia, some cities in Montenegro, or Serbia and Kosovo, your starting station will be in Lukavica, or Sarajevo East station.

Sarajevo East bus station (Lukavica)

How to get to Sarajevo East bus station

No public transport going there directly, but they go to Dobranja station (3-minutes’ walk away).

Avoid the advice to take a tram (trolleybus} No. 103 or 107 to reach the Dobrinja station. Tram lines are being repaired at the moment (August 2023) in Sarajevo.

Take bus 31E from the center to go there and takes about 50 minutes (could be slower at times). Once you got to Dobrinja station, turn left (with you back to the station), and walk about 3 minutes on the road – you’ll see Sarajevo east station. It’s very easy to find, so don’t worry.

Or, you can get a taxi. If you know how to call the taxi, the ride will be only 18 Bosnian Marks, which is 9 euros. But, if you order a car in advance through your hotel, or will try to get one from a street, they will ask for 20-25 euros.

Once at the bus station, there are few amenities. You will have to pay 1 euro for a pretty scary toilet usage, but that’s a normal thing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So, don’t arrive too early.

Sarajevi East bus station Address: Srpskih vladara 2, 71123, Istočno Sarajevo

Phone: +387 57 317 377

Additional info about the ride

  • Make sure you have your passport or travel documents with you!

  • Bring your water and food with you. There is a café, though, you can buy it there.

  • Once at the bus gate, you’ll be asked to pay 2 euro just to enter the bus area, plus 2 euro for each bag you’re stowing in the under the bus box. Don’t be alarmed, unfortunately it’s also a normal thing. It could be an extortion, but what can you do?

  • Try to get a seat on the right side of the bus – the views will be fantastic!

  • One important thing to keep in mind, when considering buses in the Balkans area of Europe. By far the most bus companies, except for FlixBus buses, don't have bathrooms (toilets) aboard. But the bus drivers usually are pretty good about stopping at the regular 1.5 hours intervals for a restroom break. But don't count on it! If the bus is running late, they won't.

So, maybe don't drink coffee and lots of water on the bus just in case? I found this to be the best strategy for myself, if my bus don't have (an unlocked!) toilet aboard. Because most of them technically have a toilet aboard, but it's locked. Yeah… strange...!

However, FlixBus buses always have working bathrooms (toilets) aboard!

Be careful, though. Some routes that are sold on FlixBus website, are run by other bus companies (possibly, without a toilet aboard). Read more about different European bus companies in my other post. You can find there more information about the advantages of using FlixBus for your bus service provider as well.

One of the scenes from the bus route you will see during the ride