How to get the cheapest air tickets

How to get the cheapest air tickets

Sign up to Scott's Cheap Flight premium service.

The easiest way to get the cheapest air tickets is to sign up for one year of Scott’s Cheap flight premium service.

It’s anywhere from $24-48 per year. You’ll be able to return more than this amount from your ticket price with their service. They will send you email right the minute they find the new sale to your destination from any airports you want to watch for.

I buy their service and during the times I let it lapse; I spend too much time to search myself and still pay more than with them. So I return to them again every year! If you don’t want to invest, just sign up to their free “delayed announcement email”. Keep in mind it will be at least 30-60 minutes delayed, and the sale prices go fast.

Or, I will walk you through “do-it-yourself” air ticket search bellow. 

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which flight booking agency is the best

8 Best Booking Sites For Finding The Cheapest Air Ticket

There are quite a few other ways to look for a cheaper air ticket.  Keep in mind, buying directly from any of them will most likely result in cheaper prices, but will create extra hassle if you need to exchange your ticket, compared to buying directly through the airline. 

Keep in mind that the air ticket price will be greatly dependable on your luggage situation. For the best saving, travel with cabin luggage only (US carry-on) and read the airline baggage policy before you buy your ticket, as some free carry-ons are much smaller than the others. 

1.Flights  I will explain in details at the bottom of this page about booking with Flights and why it is the best flight finding site most of the times.  You can't book with them directly, but they're very helpful in finding the cheapest flights you can then book with the airline directly. It's a long explanation, so let's see which other sites are here. 

2.Kiwi Kiwi is a small agency, and it sometimes delivers cheaper than google flights results because Google only offers itineraries from the same airline on a round-trip ticket. Kiwi combines a few different airlines to get a cheaper result. 

Kiwi also does something most other engines don't. It finds one-way prices that are half off the price of the round-trip. Normally, one-way tickets cost almost as much as the round-trip ones. So it’s a great tool for finding one-way tickets, or buying your round-trip as two separate tickets.

3.Wego  I also check Wego as well before buying my ticket. Not only it sometimes shows better prices than google, but it might be also decent for one-way prices!

So, because Wego can find cheap one-way tickets - it opens a whole alternative way to find cheaper air ticket that allows you to skip the last leg of your flight . I will write a few blog posts about  that, so, please, subscribe to my newsletter.

4.Skiplagged is a good one!  Skiplagged an be the cheapest at times! Also great for finding one-way tickets.  However, the last time I went there, they wanted $25 as their fee, in addition to the ticket price.  I was about to say, no thank you, buy their price was better even with the fee, so I paid the fee.   I don't know if it's a temporary thing and a permanent now. 

5.Frenchbee is good for French airlines  

6.Cheap flights  is just OK most of the times, but sometimes it delivers the best results, especially for booking a combo of an airline ticket AND  hotel. 

7.Skyscanner is another good one. Similar to Google Flights, you can see a calendar with prices, making it easier to find the cheapest air ticket!  

8.Momondo engine. It's also a good engine. 

How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets to Europe using Google flights. 

In order to get cheap airline tickets to Europe, you should always check Goggle flights first. I will use the example of finding a ticket from USA to Europe to show you how, but it works for any route.

Input your departure city from the US and type Europe in the destination field. Input the rough dates of the travel. The dates themselves are not important yet, but the duration of the trip is. 

The map will appear at different prices to different cities.

Keep in mind a very important rule. If you’re not worried about the price at all — then search a direct flight during convenient times. However, if you’re trying to be frugal, keep in mind that it might be cheaper to book a flight to a big HUB in Europe and then take a cheap budget airline flight within Europe to your city for under $100 round trip.

Do not buy the very first air ticket if you’re trying to save money, unless you know for a fact (or Goggle tells you), that the ticket price is much lower than the usual.

Also, make sure you’re buying the ticket AT LEAST 3 weeks out, though 2-3 months out is usually preferable.

Now twinkle the dates. As you click on the calendar icon to the left of your date, the calendar with different prices for every day appears. You can scroll different months and find the cheapest price.

There are filters for max price, duration of the flights, preferable airline, etc.

To get the cheapest air ticket you need to be flexible and go for flexible dates, any airline, any duration, and no checked bags, as you’re planning to just bring a carry-on with my help😊 Treat everything as an adventure it is and if you get a 30 h flights with a 12 daytime layover hours in Montreal, as I am getting on my next trip—it’s a bonus! Normally, you have to pay $100 extra for decent layovers. You can leave your luggage in a storage room at the airport, if you don’t want to drag it around.

However, if the layover time is during the night time I, personally, don’t go for it.  You won’t have time to spend in the city. You will pay extra for your hotel. And then leave early in the morning, when the metro or busses haven’t started yet and you would need a taxi. There is no saving in that!

 Unless you’re planning to spend all night clubbing, of course😊.  I wouldn’t advise that, but if you can handle that–why not?;)

Also cheap flight tickets are sold from major HUBs, so if you live close by two different airport and one is HUB, compare the prices. The list of major HUBs in Europe is here. The cheapest days to fly (usually) are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. However, that depends on an airline. 

Now, if you couldn’t find the cheap price/good flight time combination–check again next day.  Repeat. If you see a great price—grab it right away! They don’t last long. 

And the last things to mention. Google flights will show you a link to a few sellers, but it's better to buy the ticket directly from the airline. And the last things to mention. Google flights will show you a link to a few sellers, but it's better to buy the ticket directly from the airline for more benefits.

If you want the cheapest ticket, don't buy just yet.  Check out other search engines from the list above as prices sometimes are cheaper on some of them. If you follow all the steps above, you will get the cheapest air tickets.

What day is the cheapest to buy airline tickets.

Actually, there is no certain day of the week anymore. Tuesday used to be the cheapest to buy airline tickets, or Monday late afternoon, but it’s no longer the case. There is no cheapest day or time. Sales can happen any time, so come back to check often and subscribe for a price drop with airlines directly, if you have over three months before the trip.

  Now, if you bought your ticket, let's book some place to stay. 

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