Where to go on vacation; How To Chose Vacation Destination

where to go on vacation and how to choose vacation destination

where to go on vacation 

How To Choose Vacation Destination

With so many beautiful places out there and so little vacation time many have, choosing vacation destination might become a bit overwhelming.  Let's see how to break it down. 

First, tentatively decide where you want to go. Trust your gut instinct! You KNOW what you like.

What is it? Is it some remote mountain area? Perhaps you’re planning to spend lots of time at the sea. Or is it a bustling city, or a town with narrow streets?

Chose the country, the city. Don’t worry about HOW you’ll get there yet. There are always affordable ways.

check Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest for ideas.      

You can check Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest for the ideas.  On Instagram search for hashtags: #travel, #traveling, #instatravel, #instatraveling, #traveldeeper, #instago, #travelphotos,  #holiday.  

There are many million posts, so it will give you some idea😊.    As an example, my Instagram is here 

Peoples’ recommendations, while useful, are subjective and it’s much better to see the visual images on the videos on YouTube  http://youtube.com to get your own feeling about your future destination.   And then make a list and write everything down. 

Check out every city and every attraction from your new YouTube list on https://maps.google.com/maps


Fall ( autumn 🍂) is here. It's  pretty... but I like summer more!:) whats your favorite season?.
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Cobblestone square in front of Santa Maria de Montblanc, Tarragona. You would think you are somewhere in Sicily, right? I was impressed by this square the most in the cute medieval town of Montblanc, where there were a lot of things to be impressed about!  There are not much known about this church, except it's from 14th century. 

 As for the rest of Montblanc, here is what Wikipedia says: 

"The area around Montblanc has been inhabited for thousands of years. Evidence of cave dwellings have been found dating back to Palaeolithic times.

From the 4th to the 1st century BC Iberian villages existed on Santa Bàrbara hill. These villages coexisted with the early Roman settlers. Evidence of Roman artifacts have been found which date from between the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD.
After the invasion by the Moors in 711 AD, much of the area became dominated by a patchwork of Islamic fiefdoms. The Islamic invasion initiated a long period of very successful agricultural and commercial development. This was responsible for the birth of many towns and villages in the region which still retain their Islamic names.
The 10th and 11th centuries seem to have been a period of relatively peaceful coexistence in which Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in the region of Montblanc. This productive period continued until an allegiance of forces, strongly supported by the Roman Catholic Church, initiated an era of expulsions, which forced Muslims and Jews to leave the Iberian peninsula...
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I think someone forgot to build the ground floor... 🙃. But it still looks beautiful with a hole at the bottom!:). .
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Happiness is... when you discovered a new for you, but a very old and very round ( well, oval! :) unusual building! 
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Today is a farm day for me. You come to someone's HUGE farm, pick up something that tastes 30 times better than from a store, pay 4 times less than in a store, and it's just such a cool experience! So peaceful and wholesome there. Only me and my competitors - bees. We don't like each other much but we mostly leave each other alone. They don't bite me, I don't bite them... yet:)
For the past 3-4 months I  have the same number of followers,  whether I post anything or not. I  would gain 4 and loose 4 a couple of days later. I  am not REALLY  here for the followers,  you, guys, my window to sanity with the longest time in my life I am stuck without traveling to New places.  However,  what new blogger  doesn't need new followers? Also, I don't want to normalize working without being either paid or getting something in exchange.  Making pics for posting is work. Instagram has no respect 4 this work with it's algorithm.  But its reaping results of my  and yours work in many SEO and time spent on their site related ways. So I  am not impressed with Instagram to say the least. I  have so many other venues to work for free;), that I am very busy as it is. But at least I get other benefits in those places,  while Instagram gives me none. Having said that,  it's still a pleasure to pop in once in a while and check your exciting travels pictures, guys. This monolog of mine is just to explain why I don't answer right away, I just don't check Instagram often now days. 
 Have a great day, guys, and thank you for all your pictures! I am appreciative of them, even though Instagram isn't....

"Walk" on Google map

Type the destination city in. Grub the yellow dude in the lower right corner by left clicking on him and drop him on the city or a street you want to check out. You can only drop him on a street or place marked blue.  Once you’re on the street, start  “walking” by clicking on the arrows.

Don’t forget to look around and up.  You will feel as if you are walking on the street for real! :) If you landed in a blue circle, it’s a 360 degree picture. You can’t walk there, but turn around to get a better look of the area.

This step is the most informative for me. I can ALWAYS predict if I will like the place or the city, by “walking it” on google maps. How did we live before Google maps?! ;)

BTW, while you are finding all those great places to visit on Google map, why don't you bookmark every spot you like? This way you will have all the cool places already on the map for you! And the more you "walk" the map, the more you looks around and admire, the more bookmarks you have. This is how I keep track of places to visit.  You can create differently colored bookmarks for places, favorites, food, whatever else, you can add any list you want!

Get travel guidebooks from a library. 

You should buy the right guidebook eventually, but first why don't you get 5 or maybe 10?;) guidebooks from your local library to try out?  Then, if you have really narrowed down on the  desired country/city you can just buy one for your own marks. 

I used to LOVE DK Eyewitness travel guides.  I had so many of them! They had so many pretty pictures that were keeping me warm during cold winter months in my hometown. They had tons of useful information, though, with all honesty I never really used that information for anything other than getting a general idea of where I would love to go next.  However,  new editions DK books are very shallow, and it's not only my opinion.  You can still buy used DK Eyewitness series  from the Internet. 

Some people, build their entire trip preparation around travel guidebooks. They go through every word in the guidebook religiously, make lists, write down all the names.  Especially it seems to be true for Rick Steve's guidebooks fans. 

I completely understand where they are coming from, and admire you, if you're one of his fans!:). Just planning the trip can be a very exciting part of the trip!  I just could never bring myself to write down all the names.  I get bored fast if I do. But I had more than enough patience to pin all the precise locations on the map!:) I guess people just operate differently and there is no right or wrong way, just whatever works for you and makes you happy!   And if you don't know what it is, why not try it all and chose for yourself?;)

But let's go to another step. Once you’ve narrowed down on the city, there is something else to think about. 

When Is The Best Time To Visit

Now it’s time to research when is the best time to visit your destination. For example, it might be not the best time to visit Rome in August, when it’s 106 F every day. Also you might reconsider going somewhere north in winter.  It might matter to you that there are masons and hurricane seasons at your destination. Find out when.

If you realize that the travel dates you can go are not great for your destination you're considering, save it for another time and go somewhere else. 

I will write a post about when is the best time to travel in Europe soon. For now, you can check out this website for the average weather at your destination during each month.  https://weatherspark.com/

Now that you have a pretty good idea where you want to go and when, let me show you how to get plane tickets for cheap. 

Picture link to How to get the cheapest air tickets page

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