How to Get Around Lisbon: All Ways To Get Around

People walking, waiting for a bus, riding a car & a sign: 'How to get around Lisbon'
People walking, waiting for a bus, riding a car & a sign: 'How to get around Lisbon'

How easy is it to get around Lisbon? Lisbon is not a small city by any means, but it's easy to navigate. You can conveniently use public transportation, rideshare or rent a car (not really needed).

This post explores all the options for getting around Lisbon. Learn where you can get by walking, and when to use Lisbon transport. I compare rideshare in Lisbon, public transport, car rental and other means to give a full picture of all your options on traveling within Lisbon.

Or, you can simply walk around and enjoy Lisbon's amazing architecture. That is particularly true, if you staying close to the downtown (city center).

There are also some fun and specific to Lisbon and Portugal in general, transport options of getting around like trams, funiculars, ferries or elevators. They are a big part of making Lisbon what it is to the visitors.

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February 27th, 2024

Best way to get around Lisbon, Portugal

Is Lisbon a walkable city?

Getting around Lisbon: public transport

Rideshare Lisbon

Taxi Lisbon

Renting a car in Lisbon

Lisbon Discount cards

Best Lisbon transit apps

Best way to get around Lisbon, Portugal

Public transport, rideshare and walking are the best ways to get around Lisbon. And you get to combine convenience with authentic local experiences. Read on to learn why these means of getting around will  make your Lisbon travel convenient and enjoyable.

Getting around Lisbon by walking

Walking is a great way to explore Lisbon's neighborhoods, especially in riverside areas like Baixa, Chiado, Cais do Sodré, Barrio Alto, and Alfama.

However, even staying father away from the city center in Belem or Estrela, you can use numerous transport options for getting around the Portugal's capital.

Is Lisbon a walkable city?

Lisbon is located on seven hills. Despite that, Lisbon is considerate a walkable city.

Besides, the city center (Baixa Pombalina) and other riverside areas like Chiado, Cais do Sodré, are relatively flat and easy to navigate on foot.

Don't get scared of walking in Barrio Alto or Alfama, either. They might be hilly, but you can find the best gems of old buildings in Europe  by walking. The same is true for Lisbon: some of the prettiest houses hide on quiet residential streets. 

And if you incorporate a trip on public transport into your walks (tram 28 tide for a cheap city tour?), you can reach every major tourist attraction.

Walking is definitely my favorite way to get around Lisbon, and I cover many walking routes in Lisbon with authentic experiences. You won't feel the true charm of the wonderful Portuguese capital, unless you deviate from the main touristy path and explore Lisbon's narrow alleys where the locals live.

Tip: Cobblestone pavements get quite slippery during wet weather. Make sure to pack comfortable walking shoes with good ragged soles: the sidewalks are slanted!

Also, public transport and ride-hailing and rideshares, like Uber and Bolt, are great options as well! Read about rideshare in Portugal  in more details in my other post.

Or, you can grab a taxi. Let's continue to learn about all ways to travel around Lisbon. 

Getting around Lisbon: public transport

Lisbon's public transportation network is wide-spread and gets you almost to any corner of the city. It is a life-saver for navigating the city's hills and reaching its many landmarks.

Key facts about Lisbon's public transport:

  • Operating from morning till night, with some night services.

  • Famous tram 28 offers scenic routes through neighborhoods.

  • Three funiculars and four lifts are part of public transportation.

  • Bus and metro have airport stops, a cheap way to get there.

  • Use Lisboa Viagem app or Google Maps for navigation.

  • Get discounted or free tickets with Lisbon Navegante or Lisboa Card.

And because it’s so extensive, there is a lot to mention. So, I explained all the fine details of Lisbon’s public transportation in a separate post. Check it out for everything to know about public transportation in Lisbon and prices for different operators. 

While public transportation in Lisbon is very useful, let’s continue to explore all available means to get around the city of Lisbon, so you will know all your options for getting around!

Perhaps, you are looking for a more customized route and convenience of taxi and rideshares? There are plenty of options.

An entrance to Lisbon metro with buses around as part of public transport in Lisbon
An entrance to Lisbon metro with buses around as part of public transport in Lisbon

Rideshare in Lisbon

Uber, Bolt, and FREE NOW are popular options of getting around in Lisbon and they are cheaper than traditional cabs. Rideshare vehicles are marked with a 'TVDE' sticker on the windshield.

How to Use Lisbon's Rideshare Services

In Lisbon, there are numerous transport choices. Here's a quick lowdown on getting around:

  • Consider Uber, Bolt or FREE NOW. All provide reliable and affordable rides.

  • Remember, rideshare cars sport a TVDE sticker, so there's no confusion.

  • All rideshare services require the smartphone app. It's simple: book, ride, pay through the app.

Want a fun ride? Try the electric scooters from Lime, Hive or Voi. They're easy to rent - just download the app, locate, scan, and go.

Is there Lyft in Lisbon?

Lyft is not operating in Lisbon, Portugal. The main ride-sharing services in Lisbon are Uber and Bolt.

A woman sitting in a car & a driver using GPS & custom sign: 'Rideshare Lisbon'
A woman sitting in a car & a driver using GPS & custom sign: 'Rideshare Lisbon'

Is there Uber in Lisbon?

Yes, there is Uber in Lisbon. Uber was the first to launch in the city and remains a popular choice for ridesharing. Bolt and FREE NOW are also popular rideshare apps commonly used in Portugal.

You can easily book different types of rides through the Uber app in Lisbon. You can also reserve rides in advance, get price estimates, and even order food through Uber Eats.

Uber is a popular and convenient choice for transportation and food delivery in Lisbon for both locals and tourists.

Is there Bolt in Lisbon?

Bolt is another popular ridesharing service in Lisbon. It is reliable, convenient, and affordable. They offer different services like Bolt Rides, Bolt Drive, Bolt Micromobility, and Bolt Business.

Uber or Bolt to airport

Both Uber and Bolt are convenient ways to get to Lisbon city center from the Lisbon airport and for picking up a ride to the airport. This is especially so for the early in the morning flights from Humberto Delgado Airport.

Because the airport is not far from the city center, your ride's price will be about 6 euros.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi in Lisbon airport and take a taxi from airport to city center. Or, you can rent a car in Lisbon airport. 

A woman waiting for a car & a custom sign: 'Uber and Bolt rideshare in Lisbon'
A woman waiting for a car & a custom sign: 'Uber and Bolt rideshare in Lisbon'

Taxi Lisbon

Lisbon has an array of taxi services that are widely available. They are often a ride of choice after dark. You can get these by hailing one from the street, calling a taxi company, or going to a taxi stand

Are taxis expensive in Lisbon?

In general, they're cheaper compared to other European cities. All Lisbon taxi drivers must use a taximeter to calculate fares based on the distance traveled.

Prices increase by 20% during nighttime hours (21:00 to 06:00). Additional charges may apply for luggage, waiting time, traffic delays, pets, and telephone bookings.

The recent base price of a taxis in Lisbon:

During the day (from 6:00 to 21:00):

  • - Starting fee: €3.25

  • - Cost per kilometer: €0.47

  • - Cost per minute (applied in traffic or when waiting): €0.25

During the night (from 21:00 to 6:00):

  • - Starting fee: €3.90

  • - Cost per kilometer: €0.56

  • - Cost per minute (applied in traffic or when waiting): €0.25

  • In addition to these prices, there are extra charges for things like luggage (€1.60), waiting time per hour (€14.80), every minute in traffic (€0.25), pets (€1.60), and telephone bookings (€0.80).

How to get a taxi in Lisbon

There are three main ways to get a taxi in Lisbon:

1. Hail a Taxi: You can flag down a taxi on the street. Look for the green light on top of the taxi, which means it's available.

2. Taxi Stands: Taxis can be found at taxi stops in train and bus stations, Lisbon city center, shopping centers, and near major transportation hubs like the bus station, train station, ferry terminal, and airport.

3. Call a Taxi: If you want to book a taxi in advance, you can call companies like:

Teletaxis at +351.218111100 or

Radiotaxis at +351.218119000.

Check the section above for taxi fares.

Official taxi companies in Lisbon

Here are the main taxi companies in Lisbon:

  • Taxi-Link

  • Taxi Lx Mar

  • Nemofeltro

  • Lisboa Taxi

  • Teletaxis

  • RadioTaxis

  • Autocoop/CoopTaxis

A raw of taxis waiting for customers & a custom sign: 'Taxi Lisbon'
A raw of taxis waiting for customers & a custom sign: 'Taxi Lisbon'

Renting a car in Lisbon

The traffic and parking situation in downtown tourist areas can be tough, so I suggest avoiding renting a car. Luckily, you can get to almost all of the city's top attractions by walking or using public transportation like buses, trams, and trains.

If you still prefer to rent a car to get around Lisbon or for exploring the other towns around Lisbon, here is the information about car rentals and parking fees

If you plan on going on a daytrip, you can easily rent a car from kiosks at the airport or offices in the city center. You can use your U.S. driver's license, but it's a good idea to consider getting an international driver's permit from AAA or as well.

Best rent a car Lisbon

Here are some of the best car rental services in Lisbon, Portugal:

  • Address: Avenida São João de Deus 41 B/C, Lisbon, Lisbon, 1000-280

  • Phone: 21 841 4000

  • Rating: 4.5/5

  • Address: Rua Braamcamp 52, Santo António, Lisbon, 1250

  • Phone: 21 383 9700

  • Rating: 4.3/5

You can rent car online on Kayak and Or, rent a car through city-friendly applications: Consider Emov, Drive Now.

They offer a variety of options and you can filter by car type, free cancellation and more.

Alternatively, you can use carshare service for a one-way rental.

Carshare in Lisbon

Rent a car with Emov or Drive now for as low as 21 to 29 cents per minute.

Lisbon: Parking

Parking in Lisbon can be quite a challenge due to the sheer number of vehicles and limited availability of parking spots.

The parking is rather expensive as well. This is one of the reasons renting a car in not recommended for Lisbon, unless you’re planning out of town sightseeing.

Woman holiding a key to a rental car & a custom sign: 'Rent a car Lisbon'
Woman holiding a key to a rental car & a custom sign: 'Rent a car Lisbon'

Bike hire Lisbon

Renting a bike and cycling is a practical, cost-effective, and environment-friendly way to get around and explore fun streets of Lisbon. There are various rental options like e-bikes and scooter-bikes. Riding a bike allows you to experience Lisbon's atmosphere and charm in a more connected way.

Biking in Lisbon

While in general Lisbon's bike lane network is limited and not well-connected, there are some very nice bike lines along Lisbon's waterfront. In fact, there are 20 kilometers of flat bike lanes from the City Center heading east to Parque das Nações and to Belém.

You can find maps online or at tourist information centers. Use the Gira app with a Lisbon bike map for the easiest experience.

Biking routes around Lisbon

There are a few beautiful bike routes around Lisbon:

Estrada do Guincho – Ciclocascais loop from Pampilheira, a cycling route located near Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal. It's a moderately trafficked loop trail spanning 10.3 miles (approximately 16.6 km).

The Praia de Caxias - Padrão dos Descobrimentos loop from Belém, a popular 31.7 mile (51.0 km) cycling route in Lisbon, Portugal. It has moderate traffic and is a great trail to explore.

You can also take your bike on some public transit options in Lisbon.

A woman riding a bike in Lisbon & a custom sign: 'Bike hire Lisbon"
A woman riding a bike in Lisbon & a custom sign: 'Bike hire Lisbon"

Tuk-Tuk in Lisbon

Getting a tuk-tuk is a fun way of getting around Alfama district of Lisbon, Portugal. Read more about them in my other post.

Use hop-on hop-off bus tours for getting around Lisbon with city sightseeing as a bonus!

You can travel in Lisbon on a tourist bus. There are a few flexible tours that allow you to freely visit the top attractions, such as the Castle of São Jorge and Lisbon Cathedral, by hopping on and off at your preferred spots.

With knowledgeable local guides, it's an excellent option for history lovers seeking to travel between different attractions.

The city offers numerous routes, including a special night bus service. You can choose between two hop-on, hop-off options:

  1. Yellow Bus Official Sightseeing Tour is recognized by its yellow color, provides various tours like the Lisbon Hills Tramcar tour and the All-In-One: Hills Tramcar, Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus, Boat Ride & more.

  2. Alternatively, Gray Line Lisbon offers three lines of Hop-On, Hop-Off tours.

Keep in mind some cons of traveling on hop-on hop-off tourist buses:

  • It can get crowded during peak hours.

  • Limited seating on the top deck.

  • Weather conditions can impact the experience, especially on open-top buses.

Tips for Getting Around Lisbon Efficiently

Get yourself familiar with the city's map. Navigating Lisbon is easy when you are familiar with the city map.

Metro is your quickest route from the airport to the city center and many attractions.

Have all the apps for getting around Lisbon handy on your phone (below).

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Lisbon Discount Cards

Taking advantage of public transport and sightseeing discount cards in Lisbon like the Lisboa Card or Lisbon Navegante card will save you money in many scenarios. Not only do they allow you to travel around Lisbon at a reduced cost, they can also provide free or discounted access to popular tourist spots.

Buy the Navegante card at the metro station and pre-load it for rides on any public transport.

Best Lisbon transit apps

To make your public transportation experience in Lisbon easier, use apps to track and find the best routes and order ride-share rides.

  • Google Maps can simplify the vast public transportation network. Just input your destination and let the app guide you. Download Google map for off-line use before leaving for Lisbon.

  • Alternatively, use MAP ME.

  • Ask Me Lisboa app is good to find cabs with fair pricing, avoiding unexpected tourist surcharges.

  • Use Lisboa Viagem app for public transport.

  • If you are planning to bike, the Gira app with a Lisbon bike map is a resourceful tool.

  • Have Uber, Bolt and FREE Now apps on your phone before you leave for your Lisbon trip.

  • Rent a car through Emo and Drive Now applications.


What is the cheapest way to get around Lisbon?

The cheapest way to get around Lisbon is to use Lisbon’s Public transportation with the Navegante card to save money. Either zip it for a discount ticket, or buy the 24-hour and load on it for unlimited trips. Do it on the days you plan to use a few trams, Santa Justa elevator, and a funicular ride to get the best value, as those are normally the most expensive.

Conclusion about all the options of getting around Lisbon

Public transport, rideshare and walking are the best ways to explore Lisbon, but there are many other good options as well.

Walking is a particularly attractive option of getting about Lisbon while enjoying the surroundings.

Tuk tuk services, Uber, Bolt, and private cabs provide a personal touch.

Because of all these easy and convenient options for getting around, visiting Lisbon is even more enjoyable. Especially for a solo traveler!

I hope you found my post useful for you Lisbon planning. If you are interested, here are other interesting European destinations to consider.

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