Travel reviews; should you trust them or not?

A man writing a review & a custom sign 'travel reviews; trust them or not'
A man writing a review & a custom sign 'travel reviews; trust them or not'

In this article, I'll inspect some pros and cons of travel reviews (with examples) and give you tips on how to use them effectively.

If you're planning a trip, travel reviews can be a great source of information and inspiration. You can find online reviews on various platforms, from online websites and podcasts to magazines. They offer insights and tips from the professionals or from other travelers who have visited the same destination or done the same activity.

You also most likely receive personal recommendations from your friends and relatives, or fellow travelers.

But are travel reviews always reliable? Should you choose your travel destination based on some reviews? Let's see all the facts to let you decide this.

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Travel reviews can provide useful information and feedback

If you're planning a trip and want to know more about a particular place or service, travel reviews are a fantastic resource. They can tell you all sort of useful information.

You can learn from travel reviews:

  • where a place is located

  • how easy it is to get to

  • how safe it is

  • how clean it is

  • what the customer service is like

  • how much it costs

  • whether it's available when you need it

  • what the atmosphere is like

For example, if you're thinking about booking a hotel, you can look at reviews from people who have already stayed there to see what their experience was. They might even mention any problems or issues they had so you can avoid them.

To learn what kind of places are out here read my other guide. 

Travel reviews can give you ideas and inspiration

Travel reviews offer valuable information and fresh ideas for all types of travelers, seasoned or newbies. Reading about others' experiences can help you discover new and fun places to go and things to do that you may not have thought about before.

For instance, you might come across a review of a small town that you've never heard of, but that sounds like the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Or you might read or heard about a restaurant that serves up the most delicious local cuisine that you simply have to try.

Maybe you heard about some great place from your friend? Perhaps that was your online friend and he posted the review in his blog?

Locals and experienced travelers share insights and tips that first-time tourists may not know. Reading reviews from other travelers can help you find unforgettable experiences you might have missed.

Reviews can help you plan your trip by showing you what other travelers enjoyed the most. You can use this information to create your itinerary.

They help you discover a hidden gem, like, for example L'Espluga De Francoli in Catalonia.

Or, perhaps a hike that wasn't on your radar, or a museum that you might have overlooked, like Sintra National Palace in Sintra, Portugal. Everyone knows the other famous Pena Palace, but I always suggest to  visit Sintra Palace instead.  Another unique museum to visit is National Coach Museum in Lisbon; as you can tell from my review of it, it found it to be a fantastic museum. 

Travel reviews can help you confirm your choice of a vacation destination.

Travel reviews can help you compare your options

Travel customers reviews give you a better idea of what your travel experience will be like than promotional materials. Pictures and descriptions on travel brochures or websites may not be completely true.

Reviews from other recent travelers can offer a more accurate and unbiased perspective (but not always!) helping you make a better decision.

Sometimes reviewers even post a video on YouTube, like I did for tram 28 in Lisbon and for exquisite Saint Bartholomew Chapel in Cordoba, Spain. I wouldn't even know it existed myself, if not for someone ease's video I saw and decided on visiting myself. 

So next time you're looking for some travel inspiration, be sure to browse through some reviews or travel blogs and YouTube videos, and see where they take you!

However, basing your opinion only on travel reviews can give you an incomplete or unfair view of a place because every person's experience is different.

The benefits of using travel reviews