Alonga travel the author
Alonga travel the author

How I caught The Travel bug

When I was growing up, my classmates had big dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, and police officers. While they had their sights set on these traditional careers, I knew that my heart was set on something a bit more unconventional - becoming a traveling gypsy. :) Traveling around the world in a wagon, moving from a city to city, what can be better?:)

Unfortunately, my parents and teachers were quick to tell me that this wasn't an actual profession, so I begrudgingly became a biochemist to make them happy.

I also gave the normal life with a regular job and settling down a try, but something inside of me just couldn't shake the desire to see the world and explore. No matter how hard I tried, I never felt fulfilled by this lifestyle and the urge to travel only grew stronger.

Eventually, I decided to make a change. I stopped buying needless possessions, got my passport updated, and started investing in travel gear and plane tickets to Europe. By that time I've already explored all the best spots in the US and I needed to see new places. 

Making a change

Eventually, I decided to make a big change to my life.  I stopped buying needless possessions, got my passport updated, and started investing in travel gear and plane tickets to Europe.

With time, I became a serious expert on finding affordable flights and discovering incredible places to visit

I've learnt how to choose the best travel destination for me, because I discovered that not all great destinations are great for us! For example, if you are traveling solo and going to stay at some remote beach destination, you might start feeling lonely! While solo stay in a large city is usually great for me!

You know the '10,000-hour rule' about becoming an expert? I spent more than 10,000 hours planning trips, and became the 'official" expert!

stop wasting money and start buying travel gear
stop wasting money and start buying travel gear

The next step was figuring out how to find time to travel. 

Becoming self-employed allowed me to frequently visit Europe from the US, thanks to the affordable round-trip deals I discovered that were less expensive than domestic flights between American cities.

I also learned a lot from my previous travel mistakes.

For example, my very first international trip found me dragging two suitcases, as all the stuff I was sure I needed on that trip was not fitting in just one. Midway through the trip, I asked myself if I was enjoying carrying around suitcases full of outfits and shoes I would never have time to wear. I suspect you know the answer to that question. ;)

figuring out how to find time to travel internationally

So, I started working on becoming an expert in packing light and smart.  The years of playing Tetris growing up paid off; if there is a tiny space in my suitcase, I know how to use it wisely now!:) 

I also began working on reducing the amount of stuff I was taking with me, while still bringing everything I will need.

I put on my expert consumer hat and figured out how to pack like a pro.

I  experimented, until I found the best tiny containers and the best packing cubes, suitcases, and backpacks for different trips.

I also figured out which items I need for a comfortable flight and many other things I will share with you.

I have wasted a lot of money buying the wrong items until I found the best ones, and I want to help you avoid these mistakes.

figuring out how to pack light

comparison of compression cubes and travel packing cubes without compression
comparison of compression cubes and travel packing cubes without compression

The pandemic restrictions on travel were not easy for me. I missed my beloved Europe so much, but since I was in the US, I had to wait.

I was very happy to be able to go on a couple of brief trips within the US, and I was wearing my mask as I was supposed to. And no, I wasn't worried about the inconvenience of wearing a mask. I have so many real obstacles traveling alone in some unknown places in the world, that if small things like wearing a mask troubled me, I would just stay home. It's just not a big deal for me!

This is a very happy face (even a mask can't hide this!:) of a person who is doing what she loves the best!

And when the time came for me to finally be able to fly to Europe back in 2021, I went to Spain right away and had another amazing trip. The masks were still mandatory back then in Spain.

I was SO happy traveling and missed Europe so much upon my return that I have finally made the decision to become fully nomadic for my sanity.

Some people see professional care specialists for their mental sadness. I knew my sadness would be cured once I had the ability to explore new places and see pretty old houses every day. I knew I would become very happy instead!

And since there are no old houses on the West coast of the US, it was time for me to go on an indefinite road trip to Europe to explore every corner and every back street.

Oh boy, was I right about becoming very happy again once I got the chance to be traveling and exploring all the time! That was the best thing I did for myself. I understand that people are different, and some people actually enjoy sameness. It's comforting for them!

But I was simply born for exploring and documenting my explorations and embracing new cultures and traditions. It's fun for me!

And since I am nomadic and can be anywhere now, why not spend the cold winter months in Asia and other warm continents to warm up, explore new territories, and enjoy the low cost of living there? 

Deciding to go nomadic

Alonga travel author working on a computer on a rooftop terrace in Portugal with a great view.
Alonga travel author working on a computer on a rooftop terrace in Portugal with a great view.

Nowadays, I can be found hopping all over the world full-time, exploring, recording what I see, and finding ways to make a living out of my adventures.

It's a very unconventional life, but it's the only one that calls to me and keeps me oh so excited!

And let me tell you about the creative juices my exciting life is producing. It's not just a stream, but a strong, never-ending river of creativity lately!

This creativity is partially the result of traveling and partially the result of traveling alone. You can read more about the benefits of traveling alone here.

I do not promote the notion that traveling alone is better than traveling with a great partner. On the contrary!. However, traveling solo has definite advantages as well!

I still haven't figured everything out. It's a journey, not a destination, even though I keep talking about destinations in my blog!

If you're interested, you can keep up with my adventures and findings on social media and in my posts.

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But enough about me! :)

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Becoming a digital nomad