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How I caught Travel bug and discovered my superpowers

My story (Well ... some of it!:)

Hello, my name is Tatiana. Nice to meet you! 😊

When I was little and my classmates were planning to become a doctor or an engineer, or a police officer, I knew I wanted to explore the world and see unknown places. So, naturally, I set my heart on becoming a gypsy. 😊 

Unfortunately, my parents and teachers were pretty insistent that gypsy was not an actual profession. So, I had to become a biochemist to please them. Along with that I gave a normal life of a consumer with a regular job and a domesticated life a diligent try.

Not only did I not find satisfaction in that life, but I felt overwhelmed by stuff I had and the yearning to explore the world just got stronger.

So, I stopped buying things I did not need, updated my passport, and started buying travel gear and air tickets to Europe. I got quite skilled at finding cheap air prices and amazing places to visit.

But let’s skip to international trip #5… I was slightly nervous as I’ve never been to SE Asia before and it was a solo trip. Would you not be as well? Instead, something amazing has happened, and I discovered I had a superpower! :)

The superpower of knowing how to pack just the right amount of stuff I need with me on vacation to be both comfortable, and very light, and mobile. It made me feel free as a bird! And yes, it felt like a superpower after my previous experience:).

My very first international trip found me dragging 2 suitcases, as all my stuff I was SURE I needed on that trip was somehow not fitting in just one:) Midway through the trip I asked myself if I was enjoying caring around suitcases full of outfits and shoes I will never have time to wear? I suspect you know the answer to that question ;).

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comparison of compression cubes and travel packing cubes without compression

So, I started working on reducing the amount of stuff I was taking with me on my trips. 

So, I started working on reducing the amount of stuff I was taking with me on my trips. 

I put my expert consumer hat back on and figured how to pack like a pro, how to pour all the lotions I needed in tiny containers, which clothes to take, which packing cubes, suitcases, and backpacks are better for different purposes, which items I need on the plane for a comfortable flight, and many other things I will share with you.

I have wasted lots of money buying the wrong items until I found the best ones and I will help you avoid these mistakes.

So, back to this solo trip#5 to SE Asia for 2 weeks. It was time to explore beyond Europe for me. And these are my bags. One small backpack, one cross-body purse, and one small bag with food/water, hanged over my shoulder, I could always get rid of if needed. 

Don’t let the size of my backpack fool you, though. It didn’t have just a few items — it had many items packed in different packing cubes, which was easy to pull out! And because they were neatly separated into different cubes, I only needed to deal with one small cube per day.

And that is when I have discovered my superpowers😊. I became so flexible with only having light luggage yet having everything I needed! I could bounce between as many cities/countries on that trip as I wanted, paying no baggage fees for my luggage and making my flights cheap, like $24  between  different countries cheap! And the possibilities it has opened! I felt like a SuperGirl who could fly!

So I flew… I flew to Hong Kong from Seattle, USA first. Yet my plans in Hong Kong fell through and I decided I did not want to stay there all 5 days, and it would be more fun (and way cheaper!) for me to fly to Vietnam, before returning to my originally planned leg of the trip to Thailand.

I saved many hundred dollars by not staying in HK more than one night, not paying luggage fees on my planes. I did not have any bags to slow me down and I had an amazing! time in Vietnam. How is that NOT a superpower?:)


alonga travel light with a small blackpack and Travelon Anti-Theft  Crossbody black bag

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Alonga travel author working on a computer on a rooftop terrace in Portugal with a great view.

Nowadays you can find me hopping all over the world full-time exploring, recording what I see and finding the ways to make a living out of my adventures. It a very unconventional life, but it's the only one that's calling for me and keeps me oh so excited!

And let me tell you about the creativity juices my life is creating? Oh, that's right, I've been telling about this in all my posts, so I am sure you've heard about this already!:)

I still haven't figured everything out. It's a journey, not a destination, even though I keep talking about destinations in my blog!;)

I will keep everyone with my exciting adventures and findings on social media and in my posts. Please, subscribe to my blog, if you would like to follow.

And if you need help creating an exciting and CONVENIENT itinerary, I create AMAZING itineraries, if I say so myself! :) ☀

The video from that trip to SE Asia.

Here is some images just from that trip alone. I am totally convinced I would not have been able to see so many great things with a heavy luggage and 2 weeks total and 2 long 15 hours flights. 

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