Index of European Destinations on Alonga Travel, page 2

Hello and welcome again! Index page 2 - and some extra chatting on my part ( I will explain why – shortly!)

I’ve left some notes on the Index page 1 about why my website doesn’t have that many pages (just yet!).

Here, I want to address something else.

I love my website provider! It’s new, young, and it works very hard to improve, and it is maturing quick!

I will not name it here, simply because I am not trying to promote anyone here. But they still don’t have ALL the tools the big sites have.

Let’s take this page—my index page. Now, ideally, I do not want to clutter space with any text besides the 6 links I have posted here. But here comes the problem (from Google standpoint that is—I personally see no problems here!:)

Google does not like pages with just a few sentences! In fact, Google thinks it’s the worst crime ever! 😊 And it penalizes you for posting blog pages with low content. Bing is not found of the low content pages either. At least Google and Bing agreeing about something and friendly getting along!;)

It penalizes you by not showing your page to many people at all on Google search. And, if it doesn’t show my page to you, you have no way of discovering me. Like you just discovered me, since you are here, right?

BTW, how DID you end up on my page? Do you know me from the social media, perhaps? Or, did you find my page while browsing and searching for something?

Well, regardless—you want to find information, and I want to share information. And for that – we need search engines, and it wouldn’t be good for me to be penalized.

And therefore – I couldn’t leave my index page naked with just 6 links to my posts and I had to write something. But you know what? I am actually happy that happened because I kind of like writing about blogging topics! Maybe I should start another blog about blogging? That might very well happen some day. When I figure out how to have 32 hours in 24 hours day. :)

Okay, meanwhile, with all this chatting about nothing much, I actually just added some written content to this index page and Google and Bing have to be properly satisfied now, I hope?:)

It was nice chatting with you (even though I did all the chatting part here), so maybe, connect with me on Twitter, and you can contribute to the chatting?;)

The links to my social media accounts are below in the footer.